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Las Flores Adobe
Las Flores Adobe

This adobe, located in Camp Pendleton, California, was designated as a
National Historic Landmark in 1968. ELT & Associates was involved in the
seismic stabilization and restoration of the structure in the year 2002.

The National Parks Service provides the following summary and description
of the historical significance of the building: "Erected 1867-68, Las Flores
Adobe is an outstancing example of a two-story 19th-century "Monterey
style" residence. This building combined the traditional Spanish-Mexican
adobe with elements of New England frame architecture, including a double
veranda across the facade, to create a popular building type unique to
California during the mid-19th century. It is located on Camp Joseph H.

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Las Flores Adobe - Before Retrofit
Las Flores Adobe - After Retrofit
Las Flores Adobe - Design Drawing
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