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Main Residence at Rancho Camulos
Main Residence at Rancho Camulos

This adobe is the main building in a complex of historic adobes that is located
in the city of Piru, California in Ventura County. This structure, in addition to
Small Adobe, experienced significant damage during the 1994 Northridge
earthquake. ELT and Associates was involved in the repair of the building in
1995 and 1996.

According to the
Rancho Camulos Museum, the site was "established by
Ygnacio del Valle in 1853, Camulos was once part of a 48,000 acre Mexican
land grant deeded to Ygnacio's father Antonio del Valle in 1839. The del
Valles were a prominent California family both before and after statehood and
were famous for..."
Seismic Damage to Main Residence
New Adobe Wall to Repair Damage
Repaired wall
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