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Casa De La Torre Adobe

This adobe building is on the Register of Historic Places and is located in the
southern portion of the Monterey Old Town Historic Landmark District. As
such the building is subject to the provisions of the historic preservation
ordinance of the City of Monterey. ELT and Associates was involved in the
seismic strengthening of the Casa de la Torre in 2000 and 2001.

The Monterey Historic Society provides the following description of the Casa
de la Torre adobe: "This attractive adobe was probably built around 1852 by
the original holder of the land grant, Francisco Pinto, on land that was
assessed at $7.50 in 1850. After passing through several owners, in 1862 it
soldier, Jose Joaquin de la Torre. Several generations of the family dwelt here
over a span of more than a half century.
Originally the adobe consisted of three rooms and an entrance hall. Several
wooden lean-tos, which were added through the years, remain intact today.
In the 20th century, a large window was cut in the north wall by an
artist-owner for added light.
Today, the little adobe and its sheltered garden are privately owned and not
open to the public, but they contribute a charm to Pierce Street that can be
enjoyed by all."
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