Retrofit of existing and historic earthen buildings
Historic Adobe Buildings
Historic Adobe structures are officially designated in the California State Historic Building  
registry or in the National Register of Historic Places . The retrofit of these structures
requires extra care to preserve original features of the buildings in order to maintain the
historic value of the buildings.
Hartree Grove Adobe
Las Flores Adobe
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Older Adobe buildings, though not officially designated as historic, are still very unique
structures with a lot of character and charm. These buildings are typically quite old  with
original construction dating as far back as the early 1900's and beyond.
Additional Historic Adobe Projects
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  • Las Cruces Adobe
  • Fremont Adobe Monterey
  • Capitular Hall Monterey
  • Casa Serrano Adobe Monterey
  • Rancho Los Alamitos Adobe
  • San Juan Capistrano Mission
  • Salvio Pacheco Adobe
Additional Older Adobe Projects
  • Snyder Residence
Featured Older Adobe Projects
Older Adobe Buildings
Featured Historic Adobe Projects
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