New Construction -Pneumatically Installed Stabilized Earth (PISE)
P.I.S.E. or Gunite of Earthen Walls

P.I.S.E. is a method of earthen construction developed by David Easton at
Rammed Earthworks.

The method utilizes the standard equipment for gunited concrete which mixes
the dry materials with water at the nozzel where the material is pneumatically
placed onto one-sided formwork.

The final finish is a monolithic material with a uniform look. The appearance
is somewhat different on the side placed against the formwork and on the
exposed side. This link shows the earthen material being removed to create
the exterior surface. Cement is a common material used to stabilize the
gunited earthen material.

ELT & Associates was the engineer of record for a project utilizing this type
of construction was Lafayette California. More information about that
specific project can be found
ELT & Associates
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